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iPage has been around as long as the internet boom, which occurred more than 15  years ago. It is easy to find a positive iPage review online.

  • Thousands of subscribers were in dire need of professional hosting services for their businesses and iPage stepped up to the plate to provide that service.
  • It is owned by Endurance International Group, a company known to be one of the world’s largest hosting companies.
  • Although iPage is just a subsidiary, they provide the same level of expertise and experience that Endurance has provided their other web hosting companies.
  • The upside with iPage is the added bonus of affordability and accessibility.

What is iPage and why is it a better choice?

  1. Thousands of web hosting sites may be available for any user who wishes to create a website, but iPage breaks the mold by being extremely affordable and user friendly.
  2. I think the main attraction for their deals lies in their customer accessibility.
  3. Most people want to access everything from one place. That is what iPage offers.
  4. They focus on your need for a website, easy access to web-related emails and your need for online security.
valuable Hosting Features
Amount Some Competitors Charge
Cost to You
Security Suite$100Free
Support Package$50Free
Marketing for your Site$300Free
Site Design Options$50Free

They offer several options for creating websites. You will have access to online website builders and software like Expressions and Dreamweaver. They will also give you access to blogging applications where you can write your own HTML code.

For the noobs out there, iPage offers quick start guides and tutorials that are easy to understand.

  1. For the creativity-challenged, their site builders offer hundreds of iPage templates.
  2. There is also no need to be an IT and code expert because iPage also provides you with scripts or applications for use on your website.

If you are wondering about credibility, do not fret because iPage has developed partnerships with the internet bigwigs like Google, Shopsite and Verisign.

Are their products worth it?


Yes, iPage does offer low-priced features and unlimited offers like many other site hosting companies. But what exactly are the drawbacks that other companies have that iPage does not?

  • One deciding factor is domain emails.
  • You may think that a Gmail or Yahoo account can solve all of your problems, but domain specific emails can boost your sales. Many people trust company emails more than hosted emails.
  • This assures clients that the products that they offer are legitimately represented.
  • It is considered your main source of communication with your clients, suppliers, advertisers and other significant cogs for your website.

Because of this vital requirement, iPage has developed an email program that sends and receives email at the highest speeds possible. Their spam filters are thorough and all security concerns are covered. They offer unlimited mailboxes with forwarding. They use AtMail’s latest version, which allows for extensive spam management. You can also upgrade to Exchange hosting if your website is for a large company or organization.

What about security?


  1. Security is necessary for companies that profit from their websites.
  2. This is important if account numbers and credit card numbers are part of the daily traffic content.
  3. iPage’s network is sufficiently locked down.
  4. Details of their security measures are not offered to the public, but the basics include structured firewalls, database security and heavy encryption.

Apart from not allowing anyone to infiltrate your private files, iPage can also detect if anyone is trying to enter your system.

  • They detect security infiltrations through their NOC (Network Operations Center).
  • They are fully equipped to deflect any threats and cut the culprit off before it gets anywhere near your website.
  • SiteLock, a security site in tandem with iPage, is included in their package without any additional cost.
fast website speeds with ipage

ipage ingram

With this type of security, you can run daily malware scans that will protect you and your visitors from acquiring any viruses that are floating around the network. This also keeps hackers from using bugs and viruses to infiltrate your account.

You may also get your domain verified. Your clients can then rest assured that you are indeed a legitimate internet entity.

Many security programs keep unverified domains from opening in their clients’ computers, which makes it harder to reach a bigger audience.

Spam scanners can also help you avoid spam lists so that only legit emails and newsletters will reach the people in your network. You can also post security badges on your website so that viewers will know that your website is tested regularly.

iPage works fast and efficiently, without the downsides of server-by-server structures that other companies offer.

  • Aside from that, their system and easy-to-use interface is equipped with an iPage control panel that allows you to work quickly on your end as well.
  • That is why there are very few iPage complaints in this area.

How does iPage hold up in the real world?

  • Many customers feel that the other web hosting services are gutting them for their money. iPage is extremely affordable in terms of competitive pricing.
  • They offer the same services with the same level of quality and maybe even more; however, the prices that other companies charge are steep.

You would think that iPage was offering lower prices for lower quality services and features, but they are not. They offer comprehensive products that are easy to use and access. They do not skimp on any of the necessary items that will help clients produce a quality website.

You will not see people gushing on iPage reviews. They simply point out the top points as to why it is a good choice. iPage does not aim to shock and awe its clients. It simply provides what is needed and lets the clients do their own thing.

What are the services and features of iPage?

  • The site hosting company offers services such as unlimited disk space, transfer/bandwidth, domains and MySQL databases.
  • Almost every hosting service offers this, but what exactly does unlimited everything mean?
  • It seems too good to be true, right? Well, it is. There is no such thing as unlimited hosting.
  • The unlimited part pertains to resource usage that does not exceed the CPU resources allocated to your account.
  • There is a certain limit for every web hosting application. If you exceed that amount in iPage, your account will be suspended.

What parameters should you not exceed?

  1. According to the site’s Terms of Service, any activity that is unrelated to the proliferation of your website based on small business or personal use is grounds for suspension.
  2. These include an amount of activity that exceeds the average limit for small business owners and organizations.
  3. That is why they offer the paid add-on, Exchange hosting.
  4. Some might think this is unfair after all that talk about “unlimited” offers, but this is simply iPage’s way of controlling traffic for all their customers.
  5. Allocating all resources to any one web server will make iPage’s whole network bog down.
  6. The unlimited part is still in effect, but the limit is in reaction to people who are using iPage’s resources for things other than web hosting.

The initial offer is not for huge organizations or businesses that receive heavy traffic. It is also not to be used for storing files that are not necessary for your website. That is why the suspension clause can be enacted.

iPage Server Performance

  • You might have read some reviews stating that iPage is a below-average performer when it comes to server speed, but there are more iPage reviews commending the site on its fast and efficient processing speed.Considering the price of the hosting services, it is only understandable that there will be a bit of downtime.
  • iPage rarely collapses while in service, but the speed itself is a point of dispute.
  • For major business organizations, it is much wiser to get premium package that prioritizes heavy website traffic.

Advantages of iPage Hosting

  • If you go directly to their website, you will see that iPage offers dozens of promos and iPage coupons for clients.
  • One of their popular offers is their Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Many sites will promise you the same offer within a month-long period, but iPage’s offer runs for as long as you are an account holder.
  • Every customer can rest assured knowing that they are protected for as long as they want to be.

If you look at the bigger picture, this just shows you how much iPage values the businesses that it brings in. If customers are not satisfied, their business will be on the line.

One promise that has yet to be verified from iPage is that their hosting operation is powered by renewable energy. These days, many tech companies are investing in renewable energy. Knowing that iPage is one such company makes it an easy choice when canvassing web site host providers

How much does iPage really cost?

  • iPage’s yearly price is set at $3.50 a month. A contract for two or three years, the price significantly reduces to $1.99 a month.
  • Compared to their fellow competitors, iPage’s prices are extremely low. If you avail of any iPage coupon, you will obtain an even lower price.

What do you get with the regular plan?

  1. Included in the monthly payment is your Anytime Moneyback Guarantee. Aside from that, you get a free website builder and website security software.
  2. The first year of your subscription includes free domain registration.
  3. Other features include a free shopping cart, iPage webmail program and chat program.
  4. These items can make businesses more productive and efficient. Some sites will charge for these add-ons, but iPage does not.

For marketing credits, you have to shell more cash. Google Adwords cost about $100, Bing/Yahoo! Ads cost about $50 and Facebook advertising will cost you $50. These are optional, but it is best to opt for them because almost all businesses are using these marketing tools. iPage also has 24/7 customer support and a hotline that is available to all US subscribers.

best small business plan with ipage

According to the website’s homepage, their regular premium is valued at $8.99; however, they periodically offer promos like their $1.89 a month plan.

  • This offer usually lasts just a few hours.
  • For those who get regular updates or those who happen to stumble upon a promotional link, you will be able to utilize this premium pricing immediately.

An iPage web hosting review for iPage once stated that the promos become void after a while. Remember that promo rates are only valid for the first term of service. The hosting automatically renews at the regular rate after the promotional period.

iPage Features and Add-ons

  • When designing and building your own website, iPage offers you a Drag and Drop Site Builder for free.
  • There is also a Template-Based Site Builder that you can use, in case your design is not ready yet.
  • After the initial year, your domain name will be renewed for $14.99.
  • Compared to other web site hosting services that charge up to $20 a year, this is practically a steal.

For newbies or people who do not want to hire web designers, you can use the Blog Setup Wizard that is include with purchase. You also receive a Photo Gallery Setup Wizard. Through the use of the above tools, your website will finally start to grow and develop into a productive marketing haven.

For the tech-savvy people, these details might interest you and solidify your decision to pick iPage as your site host.

  • Apart from the features mentioned above, you will also have access to FileManager, FTP Manager, Secure FTP, Custom Error Pages, URL Redirect Service and MIME Types.
  • These functions will provide you with better accessibility and customizable pages for your website.

Included in the package is access to content management systems such as Joomla!, Drupal, Mambo and e107. You can also access blogs like WordPress, PixelPost and b2evolution. This generation is obsessed with blogs – How-To blogs, What-To-Do blogs, etc. Any company that knows good marketing also knows that blogs are necessary. With this feature, you can create your own without having to purchase a separate account on the hosts’ website. Photo Gallery sites are also available: Gallery2, Coppermine and ZenPhoto.

top reviews of ipage

For multimedia needs, iPage offers Real Audio and Video support, Flash support, Macromedia Shockwave and Midi File Support.

  • Using these tools, you can create an interactive website that will cater to the needs of any audience.
  • These tools will assist you in creating an interface that is user-friendly and attractive.

In terms of marketing, iPage gives you access to online marketing guides.

  1. This is a touchy subject because Google and other search engines continue to change the algorithms in accordance with online search trends and financial requirements.
  2. People are fickle, which is why the internet simply adjusts to the trend. An iPage hosting review from one person said that they think that this is an unnecessary system, but marketing can help your business.
  3. iPage’s marketing system is one of the best because of their in-depth focus on the general needs of a small business or organization owner.
  4. Apart from the Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Facebook Advertising, they also offer free a Yellowpage.com listing as well as a free toll-free US phone number.
  5. Many iPage hosting reviews can attest that these features have helped to increase their profits.

Their email program is one of the best since they exceed the necessary requirements in order to provide a more efficient and productive exchange of information through the website. You have access to WebMail, Email Forwarding, Autoresponders and Customizable Spam Filters. Your emails are also periodically checked for viruses.

Customer support is strong at iPage. They have an extensive online help center and ticketing system.

  • Many websites use this system because it allows them to root out general problems that are consistently occurring within the sites’ accounts.
  • Plus, iPage customer service support is available 24/7. Most of their calls are answered within a minute and they have a rigorous Q&A session whenever they are in contact with complaining clients.
  • Put this all together and you have yourself one very well oiled site-hosting machine.
  • If iPage.com reviews are to be believed, many clients are in agreement.

Is iPage the right fit for you?

  • Many iPage web hosting reviews agree that the company is best known for their affordable prices.
  • Judging from the overall performance and quality of service they provide, the company is a good choice for web hosting.
  • For satisfied customers, the offer is a steal. For those unsatisfied iPage clients, keep in mind that they offer an Anytime Money Back Guarantee.
  • A cheap yet reliable web hosting service is a benefit to any business.
  • iPage is a great direction to take for startups and small businesses, but not if you are aiming for something bigger.

iPage is the key to greater success for many potential business owners. If I were going to build a business out of scratch, I would benefit from purchasing a web hosting account with iPage. They are affordable enough to suit a small budget, but useful enough to provide needed tools.

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