Stordis & Emulex Join Efforts to Deliver Data Center Solutions

Stordis In addition to supplying Emulex’s LightPulse® 16 Gb Fibre Channel (16GFC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs)  and complementary software solutions, STORDIS is ideally positioned to support Emulex’s drive into the 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) converged networking market with its portfolio of OneConnect™ 10GbE Universal Converged Network Adapters (UNCAs).

“In the high-end market, it is vital that customers and resellers get real support from our distribution channel,” commented Adam Winkelmann, vice president of international operations, Emulex.

Stordis is developing a great reputation for its dedicated focus on supplying high-performance technology. They can offer our channel partners true technical understanding, market knowledge and a fast, focused service. This speeds up deals and delivers a better end-result for both resellers and the end-customer.”

In October, Emulex announced the world’s fastest Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters, delivering over one million I/O per second (IOPS) on a single port, enabling high-performance I/O for high density, business-critical cloud and virtualised data centres.

Emulex is also currently driving the market for Converged Network Adapters (CNAs). These CNAs deliver 10 GbE network connectivity for servers, with the added bonus of being able to deliver high-speed iSCSI and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) storage to the same devices without the need for additional, expensive SAN infrastructure. Bringing this all together, Emulex HBAs and CNAs( FC, iSCSI, FCoE and NICs) can be managed with one management tool, OneCommand Manager, which streamlines management and provides 2x management functionality and takes half the time to manage compared to other adapters.

“We consistently see Emulex shipping the first market-ready products. They are a company focused on real products and not on market hype,” comments Alexander Jeffries, Stordis CEO. “Emulex’s 16GFC adapters enable more than five times the IOPS and twice the data throughput of 8GFC adapters. We know customers who can deliver rapid returns from this type of performance increase. We also see a significant growing market for converged networking over 10GbE. Longer term, we believe all data center storage is headed towards high-speed Ethernet for reasons of cost, flexibility and obvious consolidation advantages.”

Stordis is excited to be offering the full range of Emulex adapters and solutions, and in particular, their 10GbE solutions, which are ideally suited to the high-performance data centre environment that is so much a part of Stordis’ business.

Because of their virualisation capabilities, Emulex OneConnect 10GbE adapters enable customers to allow network bandwidth to be allocated for specific network functions using any supported 10GbE switch with each physical port providing up to four virtual NIC functions that can be allocated for different uses, such as guest traffic, VM migration and console management for virtualized servers. Instead of installing eight 1GbE NICs with all the related cables and switch ports, users can use one dual-port Emulex adapter with eight NIC functions and a default bandwidth of 2.5Gb per function.

“We see the ability to create virtual NICs as one of the largest potential drivers of more widespread adoption of 10GbE technologies,” comments Jeffries. “Networking bottlenecks have been one of the most restrictive factors on the effective use of server virtualisation. Emulex’s Universal Multi-Channel capability turns 10GbE into a highly cost-effective solution.”

Story Highlights:
  • Stordis is a German high-performance distributor. Stordis is one of Europe’s most informed, reliable source for the latest high-performance server, connectivity and storage solutions.
  • Stordis unwavering focus on the high-performance market ensures that the company’s knowledge, experience, pricing and delivery times are as unparalleled as the products it supplies.

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